Parker Technologies Manufacturers Reliable Beer Flow Meters
for Keg Beer Monitoring and Beverage Control


Parker Technologies TapMate, the Keg Beer Tracker,
Beer Keg Monitor, Beverage Control System.

TapMate™ beer flowmeter keg monitor will be one of your best employees with..

Technology.  TapMate is a self contained draft beer flow measurement device that uses infrared light to measure and display every ounce of draft beer poured. 

Do-it-Yourself Freedom.   TapMate is self-installed in minutes with a crescent wrench or standard 1” open end wrench.

Mobility.  Powered by a standard AAA battery,TapMate is a mobile draft beer measuring device. 

Expose Draft Beer Waste.  TapMate gives you the freedom to self-monitor how many ounces flow through the keg - either in real time, per shift, or any time frame desired. 

Draft Beer Tracking Tools.  Download and use our industry proven MS-Excel draft beer tracking and trend analysis programs.